Monday, June 22, 2009

One More HDR From Me

House HDR
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When i bought my cam, i was not aware of most of the features available in DSLRs. One among that is the Exposure Bracketing Feature, that helps is taking multiple shots in single click with different Exposures. My only concern when choosing the cam, was the budget and i finally decided to take Nikon D40. After that i noticed that it doesn;t have Exposure Bracketing Feature. But still, i had passion towards HDR shots. Finally learnt the way of making HDRs with single RAW file. Thanks to Captue RAW, PhotoMatrix, Photoshop and of course Picasa (as i do watermarks with Picasa...)

About this shot, this was taken from the terrace of Deepak's house. We had a good view from there. But not as satisfying, still a good one.
Hope i can post lot more shots like this.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Evening - Out for first time with Camera...

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For the first time, i was out with camera in the evening. And, I felt a lot that have missed some (not some actually... many) beautiful shots. I was returning back from Electronic City, from my office (on a weekly off day :-D ) enjoying the evening ride... I had my cam with me at that time.. but was bit shy to take her out and use her. I made up my mind and managed to reach home before it was too dark, happy that the traffic was not that much annoying. Unfortunately, i was not able to get a good view from my house terrace, so took my bike again and reached Deepak's house, just 4-5 streets next to my house. There were no big buildings and trees around his house covering the sky. I think i got a better view. But still not that much satisfied about the shot. As i tried to HDR this thing and as usual it was not successful.

I took this shot, placing the cam on the terrace wall, as i forgot to take my tripod with me, and to be frank didn't mind wat was the settings. I was in a hurry to capture some shots before it was dark. After the shot, just checked the settings, fortunate, it was in Aperture Priority with F9. Guess, that suited the shot. Happy, the unprepared shot came out pretty well. Planning to take lot more evening time shots... :-) (Hope i would overcome laziness to come up with some good shots...)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kathir and Dad

Kathir and Dad
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Nothing special can be noticed in this picture, which i love the most. And to introduce, the smart (young) guy in the left is my best friend Kathir (Kathiresak koundar) and to his left is his father. Mmmm... To tell about this snap first, this was taken on May 01, 2009 when i visited Kathir's house after a long time. And, one strange thing that should be mentioned here is, the same day i visited our family function in my Dad's native, where i met almost all of my relatives who were not able to identify me. That afternoon i visited Kathir's house and his mother (i too call her 'amma'. not only me all of my friends call our friends parents as 'amma' and 'appa' [means mom and dad], rather calling uncle/blah/blah/blah...) and from a long distance she identified me calling me by my name. Touched... She remembered me... Then we had the usual talks and had lunch there and me,srinath and kathir left to kathir's farm. And here, his dad too identified me.. :) U know, i didn't really understand, y i was happy at that moment... Anyways, it is pleasent to have such experiences.

To tell about my friend, i love him a lot. Not sure whether he knew this or not... :D Missing him nowadays... A smart guy, very outspoken... of course Heroish...

Monday, May 18, 2009


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Really, i dont know the name of this cute little flower, even though i am seeing this flower from my childhood. I remember my childhood days, we used to play plucking this flower. Somthing to be said here, i was unaware those days, that i can use this beautiful flower, to take pics, that could be my desktop wallpaper.

This was shot @ my friends farm (T.Nallikoundanpalayam, Pollachi, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India), on May 1st, 2009. Ofcourse had a nice time over there, as i visited after a long time.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My 50th Post... :-)

And Finally i came out with my 50th Flickr post. Thanks to all my stream visitors and commentors (not sure whether this is right word) and everybody who words were an encouragement.

I wish to dedicate this pic to Prabeesh, my friend. He is my tutor, guru, inspiration for photography...

Thanks Machi...

Prabeesh's photostream

Somehow i made up my mind to capture my Nikon Camera Cap, and thought that capturing only the cap wont do much on the feel, so decided to make some love symbols around it. The hearts were made of carrot and the light source is from my mobile flash. Fortunately i got a good shadow story.

Hope u all liked it.

Friday, March 13, 2009


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I am not sure whether the title "Oldage" suits this or not. I do agree that when people become old, they live their second childhood. Something like Legacy Childhood V2. The part of our life, when we sit and think of our past, the memories that flash in our mind, when we tell our grand kids "Anthe kaalathula naangellam..." (tamil, which means 'in those days we were...') and start narrating them the things that we passed through in our life. We expect people's attentions. We expect their love and affection.

And about this shot, this was taken in lal bagh. And look at the couple sitting at the other end. Hope i should have made centered...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Parle-G G for Genius

After a long time, we went to lal bagh and it was first time with my D40. We were extremely bored at home this weekend and had no useful things to do, asusual. A finally we decided to start to lal bagh.

There my friend srinath was bugging me to take snaps of him. Usually he would be busy taking pics with his Sony DSC H50 (and he often uses me as his model, and most of my portrait images that i have uploaded in orkut was taken by him.), but this time he didn;t bring his cam with him. And ofcourse i too took some shots with him. Hope this snap made him a grand ambassador / fiat / maruthi 800 of Parle-G biscuit.

He has a lot of nick/call names. we used to call him as Vijayathalabathi Srinath. As some times (most of the times) he used to make funny styles like vijay...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart - Happy Valentine's Day

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Ofcourse, there is nothing new or special to be said by me about this wonderful day. Just a small wish "Have a Happy And SAFE Valentine's Day" :-) .

And this image was not my own idea... saw a similar kind of image from one of the flickr mate and just thought of trying the same. The perl book and the message "It's an infinite loop" were just coincidence, and i didnt notice that when i took this picture. But hope that matched the image and the concept behind that.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


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This is the first pic, that bought me some comments. And i was too happy that i got positive comments for this shot. To be frank, the credit should go to my friends Lokesh and Srinath. They had bought the strawberries and as they didn't like it (if they had liked it, then it wouldn;t have lasted for more than a minute), left them untouched at home. On a power-cut day (happy, my camera battery was fully charged) when sitting idle, tried some shots with these strawberries. And it came out well too.

Bhudda and an unsatisfied guy...

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A person being satisfied and unsatisfied, doesn't depend upon the environment and the people around them. It depends upon how the individual takes the environment. This picture was taken at a HandCraft shop, Wayanad, Kerala. Seemed to be a different combination, ofcourse could have taken the shot in some interesting angle, but was bit shy to take picture in a shop.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vinayagar - My First Post

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Today, Started this new blog, to post my shots taken with my Nikon D40. I had an idea of writing a blog exclusively for my shots (that doesn't mean that i maintain my other blogs), and due to human's default character, laziness, i was keep on postponing this idea. And finally today (tonight) i started the blog.

Its mere coincidence, or the real fact getting true again, i started the blog when i was uploading the Vinayagar shot taken at Chamundi temple. Lord Vinayaga, being said as "Mudhar Kadavul" (the first of all gods), and was given the First Preference when ever a new activity or job is started. Its been a traditional way in India, starting an activity with praying Lord Vinayaga / Ganesha. And me, being bit more attached towards bakthi activities, feel that this a good start for my blog.

Before concluding my first post, let me admit frankly that my english may not be that good, anyways i would try to give the best out of me.