Monday, June 22, 2009

One More HDR From Me

House HDR
Originally uploaded by Bharathi mainthan
When i bought my cam, i was not aware of most of the features available in DSLRs. One among that is the Exposure Bracketing Feature, that helps is taking multiple shots in single click with different Exposures. My only concern when choosing the cam, was the budget and i finally decided to take Nikon D40. After that i noticed that it doesn;t have Exposure Bracketing Feature. But still, i had passion towards HDR shots. Finally learnt the way of making HDRs with single RAW file. Thanks to Captue RAW, PhotoMatrix, Photoshop and of course Picasa (as i do watermarks with Picasa...)

About this shot, this was taken from the terrace of Deepak's house. We had a good view from there. But not as satisfying, still a good one.
Hope i can post lot more shots like this.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Evening - Out for first time with Camera...

Originally uploaded by Bharathi mainthan
For the first time, i was out with camera in the evening. And, I felt a lot that have missed some (not some actually... many) beautiful shots. I was returning back from Electronic City, from my office (on a weekly off day :-D ) enjoying the evening ride... I had my cam with me at that time.. but was bit shy to take her out and use her. I made up my mind and managed to reach home before it was too dark, happy that the traffic was not that much annoying. Unfortunately, i was not able to get a good view from my house terrace, so took my bike again and reached Deepak's house, just 4-5 streets next to my house. There were no big buildings and trees around his house covering the sky. I think i got a better view. But still not that much satisfied about the shot. As i tried to HDR this thing and as usual it was not successful.

I took this shot, placing the cam on the terrace wall, as i forgot to take my tripod with me, and to be frank didn't mind wat was the settings. I was in a hurry to capture some shots before it was dark. After the shot, just checked the settings, fortunate, it was in Aperture Priority with F9. Guess, that suited the shot. Happy, the unprepared shot came out pretty well. Planning to take lot more evening time shots... :-) (Hope i would overcome laziness to come up with some good shots...)