Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kathir and Dad

Kathir and Dad
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Nothing special can be noticed in this picture, which i love the most. And to introduce, the smart (young) guy in the left is my best friend Kathir (Kathiresak koundar) and to his left is his father. Mmmm... To tell about this snap first, this was taken on May 01, 2009 when i visited Kathir's house after a long time. And, one strange thing that should be mentioned here is, the same day i visited our family function in my Dad's native, where i met almost all of my relatives who were not able to identify me. That afternoon i visited Kathir's house and his mother (i too call her 'amma'. not only me all of my friends call our friends parents as 'amma' and 'appa' [means mom and dad], rather calling uncle/blah/blah/blah...) and from a long distance she identified me calling me by my name. Touched... She remembered me... Then we had the usual talks and had lunch there and me,srinath and kathir left to kathir's farm. And here, his dad too identified me.. :) U know, i didn't really understand, y i was happy at that moment... Anyways, it is pleasent to have such experiences.

To tell about my friend, i love him a lot. Not sure whether he knew this or not... :D Missing him nowadays... A smart guy, very outspoken... of course Heroish...

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