Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vinayagar - My First Post

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Today, Started this new blog, to post my shots taken with my Nikon D40. I had an idea of writing a blog exclusively for my shots (that doesn't mean that i maintain my other blogs), and due to human's default character, laziness, i was keep on postponing this idea. And finally today (tonight) i started the blog.

Its mere coincidence, or the real fact getting true again, i started the blog when i was uploading the Vinayagar shot taken at Chamundi temple. Lord Vinayaga, being said as "Mudhar Kadavul" (the first of all gods), and was given the First Preference when ever a new activity or job is started. Its been a traditional way in India, starting an activity with praying Lord Vinayaga / Ganesha. And me, being bit more attached towards bakthi activities, feel that this a good start for my blog.

Before concluding my first post, let me admit frankly that my english may not be that good, anyways i would try to give the best out of me.

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